Forbidden History: The Mysterious Fourth Black Pyramid In Giza

According to a missing captain of the Danish navy and explorer, Giza has a fourth black Pyramid.

During the 1700s, Frederic Norden made extensive notes, observations, and drawings of everything around him, including people, pharaonic monuments, architecture, installations, maps, etc., all of which were published in the posthumous Voyage d’Egypte et Of Nubie ‘.

The whole world remains fascinated by the culture of the ancient Egyptians, their extensive history, and incredible architectural achievements thousands of years ago. You can not help thinking of the Pyramids on the Giza Plateau and the mysteries behind these fascinating old structures whenever you talk about ancient Egypt.

Although we now know that there are three pyramids on the Giza plateau, the truth is that according to ancient texts, there was a fourth pyramid in Giza, but it was different from the others. This enigmatic pyramid was made “of a stone more black than ordinary granite, and not so difficult to work ….”

In this fascinating and ancient book, the Danish explorer describes a fourth black Pyramid in Giza and indicates it on a map. Norden describes the mysterious pyramid on page 120 of his book Voyage, d’Egypte et de Nubie (Travels for Egypt and Nubia).

“The main pyramids are in the east, south-east of Giza … There are four of them; That takes the most attention of the curious. The two northernmost pyramids are the largest and are five hundred feet high. The other two are much smaller, but they have some peculiarities. “

It has no coating and resembles the others. It has, however, a feature that deserves special attention; Its summit ends in a single large stone, which seems to have served as a pedestal. The conference is made of a yellowish stone. It is, moreover, situated outside the line of the others, more to the west. “

However, researchers and Egyptologists tend to rule out the idea that a fourth black pyramid exists in Giza, suggesting that one of the pyramids may have been mistaken, the so-called “satellite” pyramid of Menakure as a Fourth pyramid. (Fourth Black Pyramid in Giza)

However, this is contradictory since Norden accurately describes that the pyramid is a blacker and harder stone than granite. However, the satellite pyramids are made of sandstone.

Curiously, the description and illustrations of Norden are of excellent quality and position the fourth black pyramid at a certain distance from the three pyramids of Giza. In his book, Norden also describes and indicates the existence of seven (possibly eight) smaller pyramids on the Giza plateau.

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