12,000-Year-Old Ancient Underground Tunnels Connecting Scotland with Turkey Were Recently Found

A German archaeologist discovered Heinrich Kush in between Turkey and Scotland. He came across a series of underground tunnels that are well over 12,000 years old that fully connect Turkey and Scotland.

He wrote a book about his discovery called “The Secrets of the Underworld of an Ancient World,” In this book, he claimed that all of the secrets of the ancient world could be answered if we study these tunnels enough.

The main tunnels lead from Scotland to Turkey and back, but several tunnels spread out quite a way further, too. Most of Europe is connected by these tunnels in a maze fashion.

They date back to the Neolithic period, but nobody knows why they were built in the first place.

Some believe that they were initially built to shelter a civilization from a nuclear war on the surface. Still, others believe it was simply so that merchants didn’t have to worry about scavengers and raiders attacking their carts and stealing from them.

Each tunnel is around 70cm in diameter, and they were initially built around churches, cemeteries, and the middle of forests.