An Archaeologist Found The Ancient Tomb of The God Osiris? – Right Under The Sphinx

A Spanish-Italian archaeological team discovers an identical replica of the Tomb of Osiris in Egypt. The tomb itself is a massive multi-level construction with several rooms and tunnels.

It has a large hall with five massive pillars holding it together and a stairway going down to the funeral complex, which is embellished with carvings of Osiris.

The chamber was also adorned with demon reliefs, which were placed there to protect the deceased’s body.

The tomb’s whole building was built around a massive figure of Osiris. Take a look at this diagram of the tomb’s complete construction:

According to scholars, the tomb was constructed between 760 BC and 525 BC, corresponding to the 25th and 26th dynasties’ reigns.

This estimate is based on the architectural and symbolic similarities between this tomb and another Osiris-related funerary complex, Oseiron, in the Luxor city of Abydos.

The archaeological team intends to return to the time-worm funerary complex as soon as possible to complete their investigation.