Mystery Of Sharp Ringing Noise And Electric Spark Recorded At Great Pyramid Summit

Due to safety rules, climbing to the top of the Giza pyramids is not allowed. The vast energy surge is one of the main reasons people should avoid climbing the summit of the pyramids. During the visits to the top of the pyramids, a few researchers have witnessed an unusual electric phenomenon. Though it is currently forbidden, what they have unearthed suggests ancient Egypt’s advanced knowledge of electricity.

Is there any fact to “pyramid power”?? Does the mystical power influence structure’s shape, size, and/or orientation? Sir William Siemens, a British inventor, made it to the flat, settled top of the Great Pyramid of Giza in the late 1800s. According to Christopher Dunn, Siemens experienced a strange energy phenomenon at the Great Pyramid when an Arab guide pointed out that he could hear a sharp ringing noise while standing on the summit of the pyramid with his hands outstretched. Siemens felt a prickling feeling when raising his index finger.

Later, while drinking wine, he experienced a slight electric shock. Siemens thought that he needed some further observations. He put a damp newspaper around the wine bottle, turning it into a Leyden jar. This homemade Leyden jar became charged with electricity, and sparks flew when he held it above his head for a while.

According to reports, Siemens’ Arab tour guides were not pleased with their tourist’s experiment and accused him of performing witchcraft. “One of the tour guides attempted to take Siemens’ companion, but Siemens lowered the bottle towards him and gave the Arab such a jolt that he was knocked senseless to the ground,” Peter Tompkins wrote. “After regaining consciousness, the guide got to his feet and ran down the Pyramid, yelling aloud.”

What kind of natural phenomenon might provide such an electrostatic effect on the Great Pyramid’s summit? It would be fascinating to do more physics experiments on the Great Pyramid’s summit.

A Frenchman named Antoine Bovis visited the Great Pyramid in the 1920s and saw small animals’ mummified corpses in the King’s Chamber. When he investigated the remains, he noticed they had no odor and were dehydrated, despite the humidity in the area.

After returning to France, Bovis created a wooden model of the Great Pyramid. He put a freshly dead cat inside and positioned it north-south. The cat was mummified in a matter of days. He tried it on other animals, meat, and eggs and found that they were all dehydrated and mummified instead of decaying.

“Jean-Paul Buquet translated EXPOSÉ” by Bovis. “When they [pyramids] are lighted, one can find straight-lined radiations on the ground a few meters (feet) from their bases, which may lead to the conclusion that they were created like the Menhirs, to indicate the crossing of underground sources (Not confirmed!!!). This would be a strange fact, because it would mean four underground sources intersecting at a 90° angle, forming a rectangle with each pyramid in the center; until disproved, [Bovis] I attribute cosmic waves reflected by each side caused the radiation lines, and the laboratory experiments I’ve conducted appear to confirm this supposition.” Paul stated.

According to Nikola Tesla, Pyramids had a more profound function than simply mesmerizing enormous stone sculptures. He studied pyramids and discovered several fascinating facts about them throughout his life. He wondered whether they weren’t substantial energy transmitters, an idea that coincided with his research into wireless energy transmission.

Tesla submitted a patent in the United States in 1905 titled “The technique of transmitting electrical energy through the natural medium,” outlining plans for a global network of generators that would harvest energy from the ionosphere. With its two poles, Planet Earth saw as a massive electrical generator with boundless energy. Tesla’s electromagnetic pyramid was named after his triangle-shaped design.

He said that the location of the Egyptian pyramid caused the power. “He [Nikola Tesla] erected a tower facility known as the Tesla Experimental Station in Colorado Springs and Wardenclyffe Tower or Tesla Tower on the East Coast that tried to use the Earth’s energy field. The sites were selected based on the principles governing the Giza Pyramids were built, which are tied to the relationship between the planet’s elliptical orbit and the equator. The architecture was created for energy transmission through a wireless network.” Bigthink said.

Tesla’s tower was similarly thought to be built on aquifers, implying that Tesla’s electric technique was substantially identical to that employed in the construction of the Great Pyramid. The Great Pyramid of Giza and Tesla’s majestic Wardenclyffe tower generated negative ions. It could transport them without using electric cables, creating wholly free and wireless energy that powered other electrical components over great distances.

In The Dawn of Astronomy: A Study of the Temple-Worship and Mythology of the Ancient Egyptians, prominent astronomer Norman Lockyer wrote about his experiences investigating ancient Egyptian monuments. He adds that “in all freshly-opened tombs, there are no traces whatever of any type of combustion having taken place, even in the inner-most recesses” when looking for proof that ancient Egyptian laborers had used torchlight to work. Unable to explain the lack of evidence for more primary light sources, Lockyer recalls how he and his companion joked of “the possibility that the ancient Egyptians knew about electric light,” noting that they could not have used natural light reflected from systems of mirrors, as others have suggested completing the delicate paintwork on the tombs’ walls.

The purpose of pyramids is still a mystery. According to specific theories, the ancient gods created them as observatories for intergalactic communications.