Shocking: One Astronaut Saw UFOs Outside Space Station, The Other One Said Humans Are Ancient Aliens

The federal government had been gathering data on UFOs since the 1970s, utilizing the Defense Support Program (DSP) satellites, according to UFO emails addressed to former White House Chief of Staff John Podesta in 2016. If this is the case, no one can comprehend what the astronauts onboard would see in the vast space.

There have been multiple reports of UFO encounters by NASA astronauts and Russian cosmonauts while being on the International Space Station. The examples of former NASA astronaut Jerry M. Linenger and Al Worden, who stunned everyone with their statement, are the least mentioned.

Mr. Linenger is a former US Navy flight surgeon and NASA astronaut with doctorates in medicine and research methods and dual master’s degrees in Policy and Systems Management. He was sent to the Mir space station during Space Shuttle flight STS-81 on January 12, 1997. He took over for NASA-3 John Blaha and joined Valeri Korzun and Alexander Kaleri on the Russian Mir-22 crew. He was in orbit for 132 days before returning to Earth on May 24, 1997.

Mr. Linenger observed some unidentified objects that were not space debris during his time in space. During a live interview with Bild in 2018, he revealed his sightings. “Well, I’m going to put my neck out there, but how many people think I saw a UFO up there? I saw things in the real sense of the word, unidentified flying objects — understand me – no aliens. But I saw something that made me come over to my crewmates and ask, ‘What the hell is that?'”

His statements shocked everyone because it is a unique case when people hear an astronaut speak about UFOs in space. Mr. Linenger has a high level of credibility.

In 1955, he was born in Eastpointe, Michigan. He earned a biology degree from the United States Naval Academy. He was a medical advisor to the Commander, Naval Air Forces, United States Pacific Fleet in the United States Navy. In 1993, he was chosen for astronaut training, and on the STS-64 mission in 1994, he flew in the Space Shuttle for the first time.

During his interview, he added. “We’d look, and sometimes it was metallic, like a spoon if you were off in the distance and the province of space good luck figuring out if it’s a tiny object close-by, something floated out of the airlock,” Is it anything the size of a large spacecraft that’s 100,000 miles away? It’s difficult to tell the difference. It was usually something you could describe, such as an external tank or something like that. But you’d see things, and you shout, ‘Wow, that’s cool – I’m not sure what it was, but it’s not a satellite.’

Of course, it’s not comfortable in the space, as Mr. Linenger suggested. A few weeks after Mr. Linenger boarded the Russian space station; a fire broke out. In addition, he had traveled 50 million miles and orbited the Earth 2000 times.

Every astronaut appears to have something to say about aliens and UFOs.

Al Worden, who orbited the Moon 75 times in the command module Endeavour during Apollo 15, thought humans descended from ancient aliens. When a host on the British TV show “Good Morning Britain” asked why spend so much money on space missions when there are so many issues on Earth, he gave a startling response.

Worden responded for “the survival of species.” He said that humans need to locate a new habitat, not in the Solar system, but 3.2 light-years away, which is the closest.

“We are the aliens, but we just assume they are somebody else,” he said when asked if he believed there were extraterrestrials out there. “But we are the ones who came from somewhere else because someone else had to survive, and they boarded a small spaceship and flew here, landing and establishing civilization.”

“And if you don’t believe me, buy some Ancient Sumerians books and read what they had to say.”

Worden continued, “They’ll tell you right upfront.” On March 18, 2020, he passed away.