12,500-Year-Old Ancient Sphinx Was Recently Found In Pakistan

As the title suggests, a second colossal Sphinx was discovered not too long ago, this time in Pakistan, to be precise.

This is often referred to as the Baluchistan Sphinx. This is especially important because it was discovered less than 6,000 kilometers away from the famous Sphinx from Giza, Egypt.

Having been discovered in Pakistan is especially important here as it appears to be even older than the Sphinx from Giza, which might point towards it has influenced the construction of the Sphinx to begin with.

There have been many civilizations that predated the Egyptian one. Still, this structure in itself appears to be especially important as it could be the first to have ever even constructed a sphinx statue in the first place.

Although many skeptics believe that it is just a random natural structure formed by itself since ancient times, you cannot say that it’s not interesting just how similar it is to the Sphinx from Giza.

We cannot say for sure how old the Giza Sphinx is, as we don’t have any proof of it dating back to any specific period. Still, the Baluchistan Sphinx appears to date back to 12,500 years ago, which is definitely enough to say that it’s most likely older than the Giza structure.

The Giza pyramids appear to date back to 4,500 years ago, so it seems as though this new Sphinx predates the Giza Sphinx.