Mike Marcum, The Man Who Worked On A “Time Machine” And Mysteriously Disappeared

There are several stories around the world about brilliant people who have attempted to construct extraordinary technology devices capable of achieving what science says is impossible. Mike Marcum, a man who tried to build a time machine in his backyard but inexplicably vanished, is an example of this.

Mike “Madman” Marcum attempted to build a time machine in his backyard in Stanberry, Missouri, in early 1995. He started working on a gadget known as the Jacobs Ladder.

The peculiar mechanism

He employed a modified compact disc laser to reduce air resistance between two poles. A continuous arc will result as a result of this. When you turned on the device, you noticed an unusual effect.

A heat mark was similar to what you’d see on heated pavement, except it was circular, like a vortex. So he decided to test the effect by throwing a sheet metal screw through the vortex to see what would happen. He claims he vanished for almost a half-second before reappearing a few meters away a second later.

He was only 21 years old and a student of electrical engineering. Marcum was highly brilliant when compared to his peers. Marcum allegedly attempted to construct a time machine to obtain future lottery winning numbers. However, it had a flaw: it required a lot of electricity to function.

The CD laser caught fire after extensive testing. He reasoned that he could use larger transformers if he were to rebuild the machine.

He had intended to purchase the transformers, but they are incredibly costly. He had no choice but to turn to the alternative. There were six ancient transformers at the local power station. Marcum took six transformers weighing 300 pounds from a King City, Missouri, light, and power generating station.

He produced a significant blackout on several blocks in his area while testing his experiments. On January 29, 1995, Gentry County Sheriff Eugene Lupfer apprehended him inside his home on a warrant for stealing the transformers.

Your objective has been revealed

Marcum was released from prison after several months. Then he was invited to join Art Bell on Coast to Coast AM as a guest. Mike told the tale of the screw and his plans to construct a time machine there. He promised that he would do it lawfully from now on.

Marcum told Art that he still intended to do another experiment but lacked the funds and extra parts to do so. During the interview, he offered his phone number and received calls for three days straight. Marcum benefited greatly from the broadcast because many listeners shared ideas, funding, and extra components that he needed to complete his long-awaited invention.

His next time machine project was more powerful and more significant than the last, thanks to this assistance and donations from his listeners.

The previous motor was planned to run at a kilowatt rate, but it was built to run at 3 megawatts this time. He intended to put the equipment to the test on himself.

Marcum also installed a rotating magnetic field similar to the United States militaries in the Philadelphia Experiment. Magnetic fields that rotate, he claims, are more effective and efficient.

Mike Marcum again guested on the Art Bell show a year later. He said he was tinkering with a more advanced time machine to enter the electromagnetic vortex.

Marcum said at the end of the interview that he was about to generate the required voltage level to run the machine. Mike said he would bring his cell phone with him if he ever succeeded in time travel. Mike decided to reveal his address instead of his phone number at the end of the broadcast.

Marcum said he had 30 days to finish his “legitimate” time machine during his second and final visit to the Bell show in 1996. Mike Marcum hasn’t been heard from since then. Many speculations concerning him circulate in numerous forums, speculating on his likely demise.

Shortly after Marcum vanished, a listener called the Art Bell program to tell him about a weird story he had heard. Authorities discovered a deceased guy on a California beach in the 1930s.

In an unidentified metal tube, he was crushed to death and discovered a suspicious contraption alongside his body. The item seemed to be a cell phone, according to the caller. Was this man’s body Marcum’s own? It’s impossible to say.