Ancient Aliens Left Earth 20,000 Years Ago And They Are Our Ancestors

Many aliens have approached claimed to have foresight into the world’s future. They observed holographic pictures of our cosmos and assumed that the end was very unpredictable due to multiple timelines.

What if aliens visited our planet thousands, if not millions, of years ago? This means they are our forefathers, and they are concerned about the future of the globe, and in some ways, our planet is still theirs.

Phenomena like teleportation, time travel, incarnation, and so on remain a profound mystery because we lack the technological and intellectual tools to comprehend them.

In this sense, if you’re looking for answers, it’s preferable to start by discovering who you indeed are and embarking on your trip, which is a journey through the history of the planet and the human race.

Some of the information you need can be found in our DNA, viewed when under hypnosis. But that can also happen in a dream. Many scientists and experts contend that foreign visitors are uninvolved in our planet. What are your thoughts about it?