Electrical Material Found In The Pyramids?

Taotao can is, without doubt, one of the most mysterious places within the Americas or possibly on earth. At the same time, the incredible complexity and architectural precision have baffled archeologists for decades, a far more perplexing mystery specifically surrounding the pyramids within this ancient place.

The presence of Mica, a powerful radioactive insulator, is perhaps one of the biggest enigmas of these significant ancient structures established all quite possibly Rhian have it around 100 BC until it’s fall between the seventh and eighth centuries tteok a was one of the largest cities in the ancient world with over 150,000 inhabitants at its peak.

According to archaeologists, the advanced design of Teotihuacán suggests that builders had advanced knowledge. Not only of architecture but of complex mathematical and astronomical sciences. Additionally, one of the more intriguing characteristics differentiating it from many other ancient sites is that from the air – to can strangely resemble that of a modern computer circuit board curiously when Hernan Cortes and his men conquered the Aztec empire in the 16th century.

They asked the natives who had built such a colossal city. The Aztec replied, we were not the builders of tteok. This city was created by the Kenan oxen, a race of giants who came here from the heavens in the times of the second son, the Aztecs.

Wherein fact, the ancient civilization named the place Kiyosaki, yet they did not know the original name for the city. The pyramids had remained buried hidden under several meters of vegetation for unknown millennia, only rediscovered within the last century.

Then in 1906, on the 5th deck of the Pyramid of the Sun, a thick layer of laminated Mica covering an enormous area was unearthed. Mica was an invaluable resource highly-priced on the world market, is used to construct capacitors, and is considered an incredibly efficient electrical and thermal insulator with a melting point of over 1,100 degrees Celsius. Most of the Mica found was unfortunately robbed out subsequently sold at a great price to resource tycoons. However not all the Mica has disappeared.

Today there are still a few places, where you can find the original Mica carefully laid within the body of the pyramid. It seems for some mysterious reason the unknown builders of this great ancient city managed to extract and transport this Mica from far away.

According to tests carried out by the Viking foundation discoverer of one of the runes coated with Mica, this valuable material has an unmistakable signature allowing us to tell exactly where in the world it had originally been extracted.

It was discovered that it had come from a region located more than 3,200 kilometers away within Brazil. This in of itself is an enigma. The only real purpose it would seem to use such an exotic material is to manage electrical currents.

A theory thankfully more and more talented minds are beginning to look at seriously. As a result, we may finally unravel one of the greatest mysteries still plaguing the modern man what were the pyramids built.