Ex-US Air Force Officer Claimed That 4 Foot Grey Alien Was Killed By Military Police Officer In 1978

More and more former US military soldiers have recently claimed sightings and experiences with UFOs while serving in the US Army, which is pretty rare. Many UFO researchers think that the military withheld information concerning UFOs and technology gained from extraterrestrials. Many UFO sightings appear to be the same. This is a coincidence or extraterrestrials from other worlds have been visiting us for a long time. Major George A. Filer III, a retired USAF intelligence officer, stated in his book that a gray extraterrestrial was shot and killed in 1978 at Fort Dix in New Jersey.

At McGuire Air Force Base in New Jersey, Filer operated as a navigator in various aircraft, including tanker transport aircraft.

Several UFOs were seen hovering over McGuire Air Force Facility in Fort Dix, according to the 85-year-old officer, and one of them either accidentally landed or crashed near the base.

“It occurred,” Filer, who lives in Medford, Oregon, said.

The incident to author John L. Guerra by a senior military police officer. When the military studied an oval-shaped object, a slender creature of 1.2 meters in height with gray skin and a huge head was sighted near the police officer’s automobile.

He tried to halt the alien, but it didn’t comprehend him, so the police fired five shots at it.

According to Filer:

“It stood around four feet tall, with dull-colored skin, lengthy limbs, a massive head, and large black eyes. It’s referred to as gray. Perhaps scared, the sentry fired five bullets from his weapon. 45 minutes into it. It struggled, climbing over or crawling beneath the barrier separating the two bases.”

Filer arrived at the base at 4 a.m., was examined by the guards, and then was taken away by the sergeant, who informed him that “an extraterrestrial was shot and lay dead on the runway.”

“Do you mean like a Mexican alien?” Filer asked.

“No, no,” he said, “this monster is from outer space.” They want you to give General (Thomas) Sadler a briefing.”

“It’s a joke, right?” Filer responded. “Sadler doesn’t seem to have a good sense of humor.”

A special cleaning crew arrived at the location after the alien was shot. Still, the extraterrestrial had already died, and the body was transferred to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio.

Because it was part of the “Project Blue Book” program, Wright-Patterson was always present whenever a UFO sighting occurred.

UFOs had been “buzzing like mad about their facility,” a senior officer informed Filer. Filer was refused access to images and eyewitness testimony for the report when he sought them.

Major George Filer is confident that the account of the military police officer is valid.