Mysterious ancient laser cut caves were found in India!

Apair of rock-cut landforms can be found in India’s Jehanabad area’s Barabar and Nagarjuni hills, of which the Lomas Rishi cave is the most stunning and completely unexplainable ancient relic ― an almost 2,400-year-old cave carved with great care from solid granite.

Lomas Rishi cave, the most famous of the caves of Barabar. There are seven caves situated in the twin hills of Barabar (four caves) and Nagarjuni (three caves).

Six crudely carved tunnels cut into big stones that litter the surrounding slopes might be interpreted as inept, an attempt to replicate what can be seen on the hill’s crest. But if you look closely, you can observe how perfectly and skillfully it was made.

Interior of the Lomas Rishi cave. It seems that the ancients knew how to cut such huge stones precisely like using laser cutting technology.

It clearly displays ancient, complicated technology that has almost certainly been lost over millennia. Is this cave an evidence of a long-forgotten civilization who had such advanced knowledge ahead of its time? We would struggle to equal their sensitivity and accuracy even now.

                                                                              Structural details of Lomas Rishi cave in Barabar.

The Lomas Rishi cave, cut into a massive rock, is the only one in the region with such incredible intricacy. The only cave in the vicinity with a finely carved entrance and an interior that appears to have been well-protected from the weather (even from the nuclear explosions).