On A Cliff in Abydos, Egypt, Mysterious Chambers Created In The Rock Were Discovered

With time, additional discoveries are made all around the world. These amazing finds help us understand more about our history and paint a clearer picture of how civilization has progressed.

The archaeological mission operating in the desert plateau region west of Abydos, Upper Egypt, discovered a set of openings spread on the highest side – which is undeniably amazing.

These apertures and entrances lie in the sacred valley south of the royal cemetery of Umm al-Qa’ab, according to Dr. Mustafa Waziri, Secretary-General of the Supreme Council of Antiquities, and their antiquity dates back to the Ptolemaic era (323-30 BC).

Following a thorough investigation, it was discovered that these openings lead to chambers carved into the rock that is around four meters high and have between one and two rooms – but some have three and another group with up to five rooms connected by tight fissures cut into the walls.

The surprise rooms have no adornment and are located atop deep vertical wells connected to natural water tunnels, according to Mohamed Abdel-Badi, head of the Central Department of Antiquities of Upper Egypt and the mission’s leader.

Similarly, several of them have ceramic fragments, benches, terraces, and a succession of small holes in the walls, according to the expert.

The team also discovered a room with the names Khuusu-nor, his mother Amenirdis, and his grandmother Nes-Hor carved on it.

Dr. Matthew Adams of the New York University Institute of Fine Arts and co-director of the North Abidos Mission, on the other hand, believe that these chambers are unlikely to be cemeteries because no evidence of burials has been found

However, their placement in the sacred valley south of the royal cemetery of Umm al-Qaab (which the ancient Egyptians believed was the route to the other world) and it’s high height and difficult access from the cliff suggest that these structures were of immense religious significance.


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