Neil Armstrong: “Their Ship Was Far Superior to Ours, It Was Huge – We Were Warned”

Neil Armstrong is possibly history’s most well-known astronaut. He was the first person to step foot on the Moon, and he became NASA’s face from then on.

We assumed he was just a tool for them to exploit to spread their falsehoods because he has been opposing the allegations that aliens exist on the Moon after all. He appears to have suddenly altered his views since he now thinks aliens exist and are far more technologically adept than humans.

He thought that the crew of the Apollo 11 mission witnessed an extraterrestrial species right in front of their eyes. If that wasn’t enough to comfort you, they appeared to be technologically ahead of us thousands of years. They didn’t want to start a war with the species since threatening them would end in our destruction, so we chose not to return to the Moon.

When he discovered the aliens, he cut off the registered connections and switched to their secret coms directly linked to the higher-ups. “Their ship was significantly better than ours; it was massive, and we were warned not to approach them,” he explained.