Robert Monroe Encountered Reptilian Race During CIA Interdimensional Experiments

Robert Allan Monroe (1915–1995), a radio broadcasting executive who became noted for his studies on altered consciousness and for creating The Monroe Institute, was born in Wabash, Indiana. Journeys Out of the Body, published in 1971, is credited with popularizing the term “out-of-body experience.”

Robert Monroe, a radio broadcasting executive, experienced strange experiences in 1958. He began to feel a tremendous vibration deep within his chest when he was 43 years old. Suddenly, the sensation became so strong that he had to lie down. The ordinarily sensible businessman found himself hovering outside his body once he was relaxed. He panicked, believing he had died, but the overwhelming terror brought him back to his human form. Similar instances occurred, in which he seemed to float around the room weightlessly.

Monroe sought medical advice from several doctors and psychologists, but each concluded that he was in excellent health. After being relieved by their favorable diagnoses, the telco CEO chose to perfect his newly acquired talent. Soon after, he abandoned his secure corporate job and devoted his life to studying consciousness.

Robert spent the next three decades researching out-of-body experiences. His main goal was to collect scientific data establishing the existence of parallel universes. He created a system called Hemispheric Synchronization to make intergalactic travel more accessible. This method, also known as Hemi-Sync, uses audio patterns with binaural beats to harmonize the left and right hemispheres of the brain. Participants in the experimental procedure were subjected to comprehensive assessment by independent clinical neurologists. The effects were evident on every EEG scan taken, much to their surprise. Both the amplitude and frequency of both sides of the brain were measured simultaneously. Monroe’s work paved the way for tangibly changed experiences to become a reality.

The US government kept a close eye on the cosmic explorer’s revolutionary findings. Monroe was visited by agents from the Central Intelligence Agency one day in 1978. He was invited to participate in a top-secret military project by high-ranking officials. They planned to use his mind-expanding technique to try and send soldiers into deep remote viewing sessions. If subordinates succeed, America will enjoy a significant advantage over its Soviet adversaries. Troops might be propelled into timelines from the past, present, and future and the multiverse. Robert was the ideal candidate for this pioneering operation, given his comprehensive history and several patented applications. Robert consented to join them to gain more credibility in the investigation of paranormal events. The job was appropriately titled Gateway Process since individuals engaged opened gates to other realities. According to declassified documents, the program is “a training system designed to bring enhanced strength, focus, and coherence to the amplitude and frequency of brainwave output between the left. Right hemispheres to alter consciousness, move it outside the physical sphere, and eventually escape even the constraints of time and space.” The person then has access to the universe’s different degrees of intuitive knowledge.” Commander Wayne M. McDonnell’s final analytical paper listed the following discoveries: learning about the nature of reality in great detail. Researchers discovered that humans live in a holographic cosmos and that our waking lives are a projected electromagnetic matrix.

Headphone-wearing explorers sat in secluded darkness, To enter unusual realms, listen to various tones at specific hertz. There was no interaction or communication between the participants. Volunteers would report back to staff personnel after they had completed their journey. Subjects would frequently encounter interdimensional beings, according to Robert. Reptilian humanoids were the most commonly seen. Due to their crocodilian traits, viewers dubbed the strange creatures “the alligators.” Monroe, oddly enough, was already familiar with the disturbing breed. Throughout his several expeditions, he saw identical saurian animals. Over 35 years, the etheric investigator gathered information about these strange species. Here’s what he found out.

  1. For millennia, the evil vertebrates have ruled and subjugated humanity.
  2. They live and operate in the fourth dimension and are only visible to those who can see beyond the visible light spectrum.
  3. Reptilians eat our spiritual lifeforce, which Monroe referred to as “loose.”
  4. They require negative/low vibrational energy to survive.
  5. These parasitic beings regard the Earth as a vast farm from which they harvest human fear, hatred, worry, fury, and depression.
  6. Their intelligence is on par with or better than that of humans.
  7. This enigmatic lizard-like race considers itself superior and rulers of humanity.

Robert Monroe worked on transcendental projects until he died in 1995. His ideas remained constant throughout his life, and he regularly warned of the infamous spiritual vampires. Throughout the 1980s, Gateway’s breakthrough innovations continued. Internal employees had completed and logged hundreds of heavenly trips. Only a few documents relating to extraterrestrial ventures were made public in 2003. Following the report’s original release, it received very little public notice. According to several whistleblowers, the top-secret federal experiment never concluded. The program has been running for more than four decades. It’s conceivable that the process has grown in ways far beyond our grasp due to modern technology breakthroughs. What more the insiders eventually discovered is still one of the greatest mysteries of our time.