University Mathematician Decodes The Crop Circle With A Binary Code & Extraterrestrial Face

Crop circles are genuine, in case you didn’t know. It’s debatable how they’re formed and who or what makes them. Still, the fact that sophisticated, stunning, and highly complicated designs are “sown” into crop fields worldwide is undeniable. You should get goosebumps just looking at some of these designs, especially footage was taken from an aircraft or a helicopter.

Why? The most significant explanation comes from Richard Taylor, a physicist at Oregon. Despite dismissing any supernatural interpretation for the designs, he claims that this is “history’s greatest scientific art trend.” It’s also worth noting that several of these designs have been tested in a lab environment since some of the stalks’ nodes have been blown through on one side. Crop circles are not merely flattened, as many people believe. Some advanced technology is being employed. (source)

Highly targeted microwave heating, which waters inside the crop to evaporate and detach, has been used to recreate this ‘blasting’ effect. As a result, the stock entirely flips on its side. As a result of the measurements he discovered in his investigation, Taylor concluded that crop circle painters employ GPS devices, lasers, and microwaves to produce these fantastic geometric designs.

Some will always dismiss any supernatural explanation, yet it’s difficult to deny that something weird is occurring when looking at the crop circle phenomena. I believe it is self-evident.
The concentric circle you see above was discovered in a field near Crabwood, England, in 2002. Yes, that was the genuine deal. It’s been chronicled, videotaped, and photographed. The clip is widely available on the internet. It sparked a lot of debate and has been studied by several academics worldwide. Terje Toftenes, an award-winning Norwegian filmmaker and video producer, captured some fantastic aerial footage of the Crabwood circle.

Lucy Pringle, the photographer of the photographs below, has captured even more incredible helicopter footage. People may also be seen standing in the crop circle; the film is highly realistic.

Who would dare to undertake such a thing? Who could create a binary code and implant a face into a crop in the middle of the night, leaving no entry or departure marks but being artistically and scientifically accurate?

Miia Pitkonen is one of several researchers that have looked into this circle. She is a medical physicist from the University of Helsinki in Finland. Her curriculum vitae may be seen here.
She produced a paper titled “Crop Circles and Life at Parallel Space-Time Sheets,” indicating that she is fascinated by this occurrence. She looks at the CraBwood crop circle in this two-part series. (source)

She goes on to say:
“The crabwood message is divided into two sections. An image of an extraterrestrial and a picture of a spiral-like bit sequence starts in the middle of the picture and moves counterclockwise. It’s been suggested [59, 60] that the message be encoded in 9-bit code, with 8-bit sections following ASCII coding. The statement reads as follows based on this assumption:
‘Beware of those who bring FALSE presents and make BROKEN PROMISES. There’s a lot of PAIN, but there’s still time. EELI! AVE. There is GOOD to be found. DECEPTION is something we oppose. CLOSURE OF THE CONDUIT’

One or two nonsensical words (EELI! UV) are involved. The message is also available in two other versions on the internet. Paul Vigay’s homepage has OPpose, and Martin Keitel’s homepage has Oppose. The following two choices are evaluated. One may speculate that the message has a much deeper layer than the somewhat oracle-like assertion in ASCII code. The slight discrepancy indicates that there is a deeper level involved. These aliens want to share something significant about themselves as a living form. The picture of an extraterrestrial that accompanies the bit sequence certainly implies this. The code for converting common DNA triplets to amino acids may undoubtedly be included in this something significant. Perhaps it’s also the code for converting unusual RNA doublets to amino-acid analogs. Electromagnetic frequencies might be used as analogs. There might be other codes as well: when the Crabwood letter arrived, I created a whole hierarchy of mental codes based on Mersenne prime numbers and regular triangles that could be constructed with only a compass and ruler. The initial assumption is that the message is encoded in some universal code. The presence of 3 x 3 = 9-bit code words naturally decompose into three 3-bit sequences shows that a cognitive code similar to genetic code is involved. This estimate proved to be very beneficial since it led to identifying unusual RNA’s genetic code. The deconstruction of three 3-bit sections quickly indicates that RNA information is in question. However, it turned out that using the ASCII code was the correct way to go. However, it turns out that ASCII code is the right way to decode the message, with the ninth bit serving solely as a separator indication. The interpretation is based on essential elements of the ASCII code: capital and tiny letters represent amino acids, and capital and minor versions of the same letter represent the same amino acid. Control signs denote the amino-acidic counterparts of the coding linked with the unusual RNA. It makes no difference how the symbols are arranged. Different kinds of characters might also be used: only the quantities of different types of signs indicating how many codewords are mapped to a given amino-acid (or its equivalent) matter.”

I understand that it’s tough. The message was initially discovered to be encoded in ASCI binary code by Paul Vigay, a British computer consultant known for designing and maintaining RISC OS software and a long-time researcher on the subject. He also worked on the film Signs with Mel Gibson but sadly died a mysterious death.
“Be wary of those who bring phony presents and keep their promises. There’s still time, but there’s a lot of agonies. (This is a misspelled word.) There is good to be found. We are against deceit. “A bell sounds as the conduit closes.”

Another excellent screen image captured by a helicopter is seen below.
Pitkanen’s study goes into great detail, claiming that the creators of this circle, whoever/whatever they are, maybe employ this form of programming, among other things. One thing is sure:
Whoever created this circle is incredibly creative, technologically advanced, and mathematically advanced.

Below is a snapshot of the closing section of her article, which expresses the same conclusion that many of us have reached: that something incredible is happening here.

Pitkanen goes into considerable length and analysis in her study about a 1974 transmission (known as the “Arecibo” message) put together by Carl Sagan and his colleagues. It was sent into space through radio waves during a special event in Puerto Rico to commemorate the remodeling of the Arecibo radio telescope. It was the most potent transmission ever sent into space on purpose. It consisted of a pictorial message depicting our planet’s position in our universe, the fundamental precepts of our mathematics and science, and the NASA transmitter used to transmit the signal in the desperate hope that intelligent aliens would interpret this. It was directed at a star cluster located approximately 25,000 light-years away.

Twenty-seven years later, in 2001, a pattern in the shape of a response to the 1974 broadcast emerged directly near Britain’s largest telescope, the Chilbolton, and observatory, which houses the world’s largest fully steerable weather radar.

The Remainder:
Why does the general public mock such findings and phenomena? Why don’t the facts stated in this article be addressed when the mainstream engages in a conversation about the crop circle phenomenon? Why are these called hoaxes, yet some of the designs are so intricate, precise, and sophisticated that they perplex even some of the world’s most brilliant minds? What exactly is going on here?

Some facts about our world are so mind-altering that the human mind will often disregard them right away. On a collective level, it is evident that we are not ready to investigate this phenomenon, and no matter how much evidence there is in support of it, it will always be met with skepticism and scorn.
Something exceptional is going on here, and it’s been going on for a long time. As we continue to gently but steadily open our minds to notions that do not yet fit inside the framework of established knowledge, it might have enormous ramifications for humanity.