330,000 Year Old Man-Made Wall Found In New Zealand

The Kai Manawa wall, located on the shores of Lake Tahoe in New Zealand, is a remarkable as yet inexplicable relic. What’s noteworthy about the Chi Minagawa is that it precedes academia’s tightly documented picture of the country’s past inhabitants.

It is widely assumed that New Zealand was initially populated during the previous 800 years. However, the study of this strange wall has revealed that it is at least 2,000 years old and displays the tell-tale building traits of lost wisdom that can be found in many other ruins throughout the world.

The controversial wall first came to public attention in the early 1990s with a publication by Barry Braille firs in the New Zealand listener titled megalith mystery are giant stones in the Cayman ah whoa Forest ParkPark. Evidence of an ancient New Zealand culture. He details how analysis has shown that the stone wall is at least two millennia old and was created by previously unknown settlers within New Zealand.

He dubbed them the white that and said that the Mallorys, who came barely 800 years ago, were responsible for their extinction.

Furthermore, according to Brailsford, the wall might connect New Zealand and Egypt. South America and many other ancient civilizations continue to list 12 pieces of evidence to support their claims. Still, individuals from many different fields of academia have left to defend currently held paradigms.

The department of conservation archeologists, geologists, and just about every political party in New Zealand, including several media outlets, have directed tremendous hostility toward the claims, resulting in the site being completely shut down.

You have to wonder why they are so afraid of people discovering, despite the Brailsford data, that the wall is nothing more than a natural feature, which has been publicly promoted since its publication almost 30 years ago.

An outcrop of a large ignimbrite, a natural formation created about three hundred thirty thousand years ago, is an outcrop of a staunch denial of reality or evidence. The conclusion made by official geologists at the wall is an outcrop of a large ignimbrite, a natural formation created about three hundred thirty thousand years ago.

They argue that natural occurrences such as earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and other natural phenomena caused the block forms.

Could the Chi Managua wall truly be a three hundred thirty thousand-year-old artificial wall? Researchers are delighted to date such sites but exceedingly hesitant to credit any intelligent design to their development.

We find such possibilities quite appealing, given they were developed by the same individuals who built many other locations throughout the world.


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