Alfred Webre: “Mars is inhabited by human-like beings”

Alfred Webre was the world’s first visionary to describe Exopolitics, emphasizing the existence of societies with interplanetary connections. And, because humans and alien hybrids may exist on Mars, humanity may have already established diplomacies outside Earth.

Alfred Webre, who is currently the general counsel for the New York Environmental Protection Agency and an advisor to the Ford Foundation, a former professor of economics at Yale and the University of Texas, and a delegate to the Texas Democratic convention in 1996, is regarded as one of the leading authorities on Exopolitics.

He is now the International Director of the Institute for Cooperation in Space or ICIS.

Alfred Webre: Exopolitics for the development of society

Webre presents a distinct view of the Cosmos in his book “Exopolitics: Politics, Government, and Law in the Universe.” It indicates that Earth is an isolated globe amid a cosmic and multidimensional civilization that is constantly evolving.

Furthermore, he confirms that the whole history of humanity that we have been taught is incorrect.

He stated the Martian connections that the near future has for humanity in an interview in the magazine “Athanor,” where they created an 11-page article called “Exopolitics, the ins and outs of space combat, and a hopeful future.”

His claims are supported by testimony from ex-military people, astronauts, historians, and scholars.

Said, Alfred Webre leaves little question regarding the subsequent encounter and the limited years we have left for spectacular disclosures.

Excerpt from the interview on the revelation of Mars

Alfred Webre starts the interview with these words:

My age is 67 years. During WWII, I was born on a naval post in Florida. My home is in Vancouver. Judge of the Kuala Lumpur Court of War Crimes, doctor of law. I’m married with a son and two stepdaughters.

We dwell in an intelligently created cosmos. There is evidence that more evolved ethical civilizations than ours are involved in the process of our growth.

Give me proof

Statements from US government workers attested to participating in secret projects of interactions with certain alien civilizations.

Does this imply that aliens have already made contact?

According to these witnesses, the US government has been quietly collaborating with them since the 1950s. At the age of seven, Andrew Basiago, the son of a CIA operative, was enrolled in a covert program for brilliant children who were groomed to be ambassadors to alien cultures.

Any contact?

He crossed paths with three astronauts from the planet Mars. Virginia Olds, a CIA employee, revealed in January 2009 that the CIA is aware of a humanoid civilization residing under the surface of Mars.

We think that about the year 9500 a. C., supernova Vela pieces reached the solar system and wrecked Mars’ ecosystem. The Martians, who were 1,500 years ahead of us in ethics and technology, sought sanctuary below. We issued a study in December 2008 that included images obtained by the NASA robot Rover Spirit and identified specific types of humanoids, animals, and structures on Mars’ surface.

Alien Contacts and How the Universe Works

Buzz Aldrin, who rode on Apollo XI, stated that when they arrived at the Moon in 1969, two massive extraterrestrial ships surrounded the enormous crater; senior NASA officials confirmed his account.

Why not reveal the existence of life on Mars?

Because of political considerations, we want to sue NASA under freedom of information rules to force NASA to recognize intelligent life on Mars.

And why not present in society themselves, the Martians?

Ours is a low-order planet that we presume is quarantined by the universe’s authority.

And the first contact will be with the Martians?

Yes, since there are several reciprocal benefits, they may share their technology and expertise with us, and we have a beautiful green world where they can relocate.

How does the universe work?

There are countless parallel worlds and universes to our own. Some extraterrestrial civilizations originate in another dimension, a parallel reality, which explains why UFOs arise and disappear.

How are these more evolved civilizations?

We live in an orderly universe, and the most ethical civilizations have succeeded in controlling the time dimension. They are most likely the ones who shape our reality. They do it fatally.

According to particular views, we are swiftly transitioning from a perpetual war economy to a sustainable economy. Human awareness evolves to the point where it may enter the universal age and freely interact with other civilizations.

Help for humanity?

The first rule is to not interfere with the emergence of civilization on another planet. However, man will learn to employ quantum teleportation and extract energy from space in a relatively short period.

We are at a transition period in which we must choose between destruction and progress.

Is your job to study the great government of the universe?

Exopolitics is a social science investigating the interactions between our human civilization and other intelligent civilizations throughout the cosmos. The Martian civilization will be one of our initial moves toward worldwide diplomacy.

I understand

I directly collaborate with Dr. Norman Miranda, the president of the United Nations General Assembly’s chief of staff, to ensure that the UN represents Earth before the civilization of Mars.

According to Alfred Webre, cosmic society intended our planet to be more like a prison. However, we may be on the verge of establishing contact with extraterrestrial civilizations…