Aliens from Andromeda Told US Army Personnel Reptilians Brought Moon to Earth

It is hard to believe the stories shared by alien contactees as they have never shown any evidence of it. Even if they have some proof, it does not satisfy the experts. Do aliens exist? That is a hard question to answer, but we have to agree with Luis Elizondo that reality can be different than what humans perceive. Since the UAP/UFO phenomenon has become a serious issue in the US and other countries, the US Congress has recently held the first UFO meeting in 50 years.

In the past decades, many articles have surfaced on the Internet, claiming about spotting the massive objects, non-celestial in the solar system.

Additionally, in the 2000s, when British hacker Gary McKinnon got into NASA and Pentagon servers, he claimed to have learned of the existence of “non-terrestrial officers,” “fleet-to-fleet transfers” and a secret program called “Solar Warden.”

Some believe that the directive of “Solar Warden” is to explore and colonize other moons and planets. Others though state that its purpose is to act as the first line of defense against any potential attacks from extraterrestrial races.

What’s more shocking is that a UFO Citizen Hearing in 2013 openly speaks of a secret US space fleet. Senator Mike Gravel said: “We have the space force. It’s in existence… It’s there.” There could be only one reason for the space force to exist that Earth might be under threat.

Many UFOlogists, abductees, and even people in authority claim to have seen the so-called intelligent beings from outer space. Alex Collier is the only contactee who provided in-depth information about the beings from Andromeda. In his interviews, he discussed the influence of various alien species on the human race.

Moon: Ancient Battleground?
In his book “Letters From Andromeda,” Collier claimed to have received telepathic communications from an alien race from the so-called “Zenetae star system.” In his interview with Art Bell in 1995, Collier uncovered some mysteries about the Earth’s Moon.

Collier claimed that it was the Reptilians who brought the moon to Earth – its real purpose being a transport ship. It brought with it both reptilians and reptilian/human hybrids, as well as “the first humans to set foot on Earth.”

Interestingly, in an article by Mikhail Vasin and Alexander Shcherbakov published in 1970, it was suggested that the Moon is actually an artificial hollow satellite of the Earth, placed in near-Earth orbit by extraterrestrials. Vasin and Shcherbakov were members of the USSR Academy of Sciences. However, the article was published not in a scientific journal, but in the Sputnik publication. It was a kind of Soviet literary digest.

Collier shared many shocking facts about the moon. According to him, the moon was the site of an ancient war fought over 113,000 years ago. Even today it hosts destroyed and ruined bases from the conflict.

This was the battle fought by humans against the Orion Empire, especially the last 100,000 years of a 600,000-year war after the Orion slaughter of human life in Lyra. The continuous destruction of the surface continued to occur while the moon was being transported here to our solar system by space debris.

He also claimed that the moon is inhabited today by both humans (around 30,000 of them) and extraterrestrial races, with plans to send “hundreds of thousands” more people in the coming years. It is still essentially a space station and houses both weapons and spacecraft, built on Earth and then taken to the moon to be fully tested and launched.

Collier claimed: “When the (first) Apollo astronauts landed on the moon, the World Order had been there for some time. This knowledge and technology was withheld from the lower levels of NASA and the military. NASA has been used as a blind to keep people from truly knowing what was going on there. The astronauts were silenced under threats and remain so today.”

Collier further stated: “The Moon is hollow. It contains huge underground facilities built by E.T.’s and later humans from Earth. There are seven openings into the Moon’s crust and the underground bases. Conservative scientists have wondered why so many craters seem so shallow, despite their size. The Andromedans say it’s because much of the surface was built on top of a metallic shell of a circular space crest; or “A War Carrier,” as the Andromedans describe it.”

Artificial Structures on the Moon
Former NASA scientist Robin Brett, who was among the first people to study and direct research on moon rocks said: “It seems easier to explain the non-existence of the Moon than its existence.” Besides, according to scientists, the Moon is older than the Earth by nearly 800,000 years, which raises a lot of questions.

Former US Air Force Sergeant Karl Wolfe, who died in a bike accident in 2018, was another person who shared a story similar to Donna Hare who claimed to have worked for NASA contractor Philco Ford in the early 1970s. He also had top-secret clearance and worked at Langley Air Force base in Virginia, the USA.

Karl worked as a precision electronics photograph repairer for NASA’s Lunar Orbiter Project. One day, he was taken into a lab by another worker who showed him a photo of artificial buildings at the lunar base. Those photos had been taken prior to the Apollo landing in 1969.

In 2001, Wolfe came forward with the claims that he had seen photographic evidence of an alien structure on the far side of the Moon.

In a video interview, Wolfe said that in the mid-1960s, he had a top-secret clearance and worked for Tactical Air Command at Langley Air Force Base in Virginia. He said his job was working as an electronic technician in photographic surveillance labs, and he spent most of his time working on machines that processed surveillance footage of Vietnam.

One day, Wolfe recalled that his superior told him to report to an NSA facility on the base to help with an issue with equipment used to process imagery from the first lunar orbiter mission. He reported to the facility, which he described as a large hangar-type building with many foreign citizens in civilian clothes, accompanied by interpreters – a surprising sight to the military man.

The former airman recalled that he was alone in a darkroom with another Airman second class when the other enlisted man said: “By the way, we’ve discovered a base on the backside of the moon.”

In his last lecture before he retired from the UFO lecture circuit in 2002, Collier said that the ancient alien race known as the “Founders” are responsible for building planets’ environment and making it suitable for life. The Andromedans and the Pleiadians believed that this ancient alien race is called the “Paa Tal.”

He even said that those aliens are capable of removing moons to alter the planet’s position from its sun to control the amount of radiation. The Andromedans could reportedly create a solar system.