Ancient Babylonian Texts Connect Humans to Extraterrestrials

Northern Iraq 1849, on the eastern bank of the Tigris River near Mosul, a team of archaeologists from the British museum discovers thousands of clay tablets containing the cuneiform script.

They believe in having been written by Babylonian priests in the 7th-century bc. According to translations of the ancient text, the tablets found were two mysterious relics that have become known as the Babylonian star catalogs. These tablets describe the precise movements of various celestial bodies now known as the zodiac.

Robert Powell, Ph.D. (Author, History of the zodiac) said: “We know so much about the history of Babylonia because of the excavation and deciphering of huge numbers of these cuneiform texts.”

Тһᴇʏ ⱳᴇгᴇ ѕтᴇᴇρᴇԀ ɪп ɑ гᴇʟɪɡɪᴏᴜѕ ᴠɪᴇⱳ ᴏf ʟɪfᴇ, ɑпԀ ɪптгɪпѕɪᴄ тᴏ тһᴇɪг гᴇʟɪɡɪᴏп ⱳɑѕ Ԁᴇᴠᴏтɪᴏп тᴏ тһᴇ ɡᴏԀѕ ᴏf тһᴇ ρʟɑпᴇт’ѕ Ԁɪffᴇгᴇпт ᴄᴏпѕтᴇʟʟɑтɪᴏпѕ, ѕᴏ тһɪѕ ⱳɑѕ ⱳһɑт ⱳᴇ ᴄɑʟʟ тһᴇ ᴄᴏѕᴍɪᴄ гᴇʟɪɡɪᴏп.

According to some researchers, these clay tablets prove that the ancient civilization of Babylon obtained divine knowledge from star travelers. The Babylonian star catalogs are an exciting collection of information with accurate mathematical equations distance between planets esoteric knowledge that a primitive civilization.

It really shouldn’t have. It starts to raise the question as to how they got this information. What they were using it for was possibly given to them by extraterrestrials claiming gods like many other ancient cultures.

The Babylonians describe Orion as both a constellation and a supreme being in their writings. Orion is referred to as the loyal shepherd of heaven and the chief god of heavenly realms. Might these records provide more evidence connecting ancient man to otherworldly beings? For the Babylonians, this constellation of Orion was called size anna, which means the shepherd of and usually we would translate that the shepherd of heaven because and was seen as the god of heaven.

We found an earlier depiction of Orion in a bird-like form and was referred to as a messenger. The figure of a bird was located on the stones behind the formation of the shepherd. His position may indicate that he was bringing messages back and forth from earth to Orion now. The real question is, how did he do this? Is this all meant to be taken symbolically?

Robert Powell, Ph.D. (Author, History of the zodiac) said: ” is it possible that what we have here is a very rudimentary description of a type of interstellar communication.”

The device is the Babylonian star catalogs, potentially even documenting an ancient extraterrestrial space station orbiting the earth inhabited by ancient aliens from Orion you.