Did Tesla Discover The Secrets Of Antigravity?

Nikola Tesla was a mysterious and amazing human being who lived on this planet. Our modern lifestyles and technologies would be very different today if it weren’t for his study, discoveries, and advancements. Assume Tesla discovered something more enigmatic than we can comprehend in our current state of knowledge.

Nikola Tesla’s lasting legacy

Nikola Tesla, Thomas Alva Edison’s counterpart, is most known for developing the light bulb. His ideas and innovations were also decades ahead of their time, making him a significant figure in modern culture. His contemporaries scorned many of his assertions and views.

Tesla may have had an extraterrestrial contact, which would explain his futuristic outlook on life and his ability to manipulate electrical current, according to common opinion. Some even believe Tesla openly stated that he had communication with aliens.

Many of today’s technology owes its existence to Tesla’s laboratory discoveries and triumphs. If it weren’t for his clever inventions, we wouldn’t have modern conveniences like television, the radio, AC electricity, and the Tesla coil. Microwaves, robotics, and X-rays would all be prevalent, as would radiation detection, X-rays, fluorescent lights, and radar.

Nikola Tesla’s Unknown Success Formula

These improvements would likely have proceeded apace if Tesla hadn’t demonstrated his apparent ability to find and build. This youthful scientist was supposed to have antigravity knowledge and the ability to fly.

In 1928, he patent-registered an airplane/helicopter hybrid as one of his creations. This is widely acknowledged. Before he died, Tesla had already drawn up the plans for the plane’s propulsion system. “Space Conduction” was the name given to his anti-electromagnetic field propulsion technology. When they designed their apparatus, they may have had antigravity force in mind.

Ether or Unbounded Energy Possibility Theory

Nikola Tesla believed in free energy, often known as ether or boundless energy, throughout his life. It’s a type of energy that pervades the universe and serves as the driving force for everything.

Tesla claimed to have spent years attempting to understand what the ether was and how it worked, and he promised to publish his findings in a book. He endeavored to explain both the sources of this force and the planetary motions it causes in it. As a result, Albert Einstein’s idea of curved space, which he proposed first, would be buried.

Nikola Tesla’s statements show that he was adamant about discovering the correct perception to express the movements that regulate the matter. The guy even declared that all allusions to spatial curvature would be obsolete. He thought it was foolish to try to explain the universe’s processes by erasing the concept of ether.

What Happened to Tesla’s Free Energy Research?

It’s unclear why Nikola Tesla’s work on ether and free energy wound up in the hands of the authorities. Until now, the rest of the world has been kept in the dark about all of this vital and fascinating information. Is this an attempt to keep us in the dark so we’ll believe whatever they want us to believe?

Despite his inability to watch the development of his flying ship prototype, Tesla made surprising discoveries about the antigravity force. A conductor’s electrostatic emission, for example, is always concentrated where the surface curves. The arc becomes steeper as the number of electrons in a space increases.

A source of power has a limited amount of juice

Tesla may have discovered a means to tap into a limitless amount of energy that comes from the same source as all other energy sources: nature. If given the chance and time, he could have made great scientific and technological advances. However, humanity took a detour that benefited some people at the expense of others…