That Ancient Emerald Tablet of Thoth Holds Secrets

The Emerald Tablet is a long-lost ancient relic whose current whereabouts is unknown. It may include a formula for creating the philosopher’s stone, which can transform metals into gold, as well as the Hermetic Philosophy’s basis.

It may also refer to the spiritual counterpart, purification of the spirit. After the fourteenth century, Arabic translations of its text made it known to the Christian world.

The Emerald Tablet was a rectangular piece of art with its sacred message carved out in bas-relief in a Phoenician-style alphabet.

The ancients highly prized emerald and this tablet is believed to be composed of it. Due to the impossibility of finding large grade emeralds from the ancient world (assuming it was from the old world or even from Earth), and the dispute over what was and wasn’t deemed an emerald in the old world, it’s more likely that it was a green stone like jasper or jade. Perhaps it was just a piece of green glass.

The Emerald Tablet is generally regarded as one of the first surviving Western alchemical texts, having pre-Greek origins. It is still prevalent in mystical circles and among modern-day alchemists. The texts are considered to be from the Hermetic Tradition, a non-Christian offshoot of Hellenistic Gnosticism.

The Arabs referred to alchemy as Hermetic practice. Occult literature is classified into two types: philosophical writings and alchemical/magical writings. Like many others from this era, the bulk of these writings (the Corpus Hermeticum) were lost or destroyed, and no one knew how many existed.

The Emerald Tablet’s provenance is unknown. Hermes, the god’s messenger and ruler of magicians, spoke directly with the populace about its magical or divine mysteries.

To be exact, Hermes Trismegistus is a Hellenistic Egyptian divinity who unites the Greek god Hermes with the Egyptian god Thoth. During the period, the Greeks in Egypt mistaken Hermes for Thoth. While they are similar in many respects, they vary in others, and some Greeks refused to recognize this god’s version.

Both gods taught man to avoid specific actions and evolved into gods of wisdom, knowledge, magic, and the afterlife. The history and mythology of these gods may be traced back 10,000 years or more in the distant past. With them, the legends and possible sources for the tablet they/he made disappear. On the other hand, the possibility that it is a surviving thread of old wisdom is intriguing.

The tablet was allegedly found in Sri Lanka’s Ark of the Covenant, concealed in Alexander the Great’s Great Pyramid, and discovered and hidden in various Middle Eastern caves.

However, how much do we know about the text? Famous individuals such as Isaac Newton and Madame Blavatsky have translated portions of the Bible into English from Arabic, Latin, Chaldean, and Phoenician.

It captures the core of alchemy: grasping the essential but mysterious connection between earthly and heavenly objects enables access to live’s most profound truths.

From Satan’s Crown to the Holy Grail: Emeralds in Myth, Magic, and History is adapted from Diane Morgan’s book. It is definite, undeniably certain, and without a reasonable question genuine.

What is under is identical to what is above, and what is above is the same to what is beneath, for the One Thing’s marvels to succeed. And, just as everything in life originates with that One, everything in existence is altered by that One’s meditation.

The Sun is its father. The Moon is its mother. It would be capable of containing the wind in its stomach. The Earth is its adopted mother. This is the creator of all mastered creations in the world. Its full potential is achieved when it is fused with the Earth. With tremendous skill, you will discern the Earth from the Fire, the Subtle from the Heavy.

It travels from Earth to Heaven and back, absorbing energy from both above and below. As a result, you will possess the whole of the universe’s splendour. As a result, you will be liberated from all darkness. This is the strongest of all talents, capable of transcending all subtleties and piercing all solids.

As a result, the universe is created. Several miracles have been unlocked, and instructions on how to do so are included. Be a result. I am referred to as Hermes Trismegistus, the philosopher who has three pieces of world philosophy.

I have spoken all I have to say on the Solis operation. According to tradition, more works of Thoth/Hermes are hidden in a dark library, waiting to be discovered.

This idea dates back to the ancient Egyptians’ search for Thoth’s works. Clement of Alexandria wrote about it in the early Christian century. He said that 42 sacred texts had been concealed from humanity’s ability to read them.